Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Does anyone have any ideas for a creative processional? The thought of making our girl friends walk arm in arm with our guy friends makes me gag.
UPDATE: Thank you all for your advice and suggestions. We have decided just to have all the dudes standing up with the mister and just the ladies will walk down the aisle. Still somewhat traditional but not as awkward as some other processionals I have seen.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I just made an appointment to get my hair blown out at 9am (!!!!) on the day of the wedding*. I am so excited to scratch this off the to-do list as EVERY SINGLE wedding related nightmare I have is about me not having my hair and makeup done and the ceremony about to start.
*I'm doing my own hair but I am not capable of using a blow dryer. Plus this salon uses bumble and bumble which I refuse to buy for myself but love.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The invites are gone, gone, gone! I have a little glimpse of life back and that's very exciting. Except the in-laws-to-be continue to invite more people. What? Is this legal? We have ZERO invitations left yet they keep running into old friends that HAVE to come to the wedding. And ya know what I do when this happens? I invite them. I bitch and moan in private and then I invite them because I have no fight left in me. If 150 people show up...not sure where we are going to put 150 people...then I will gently remind my lovely mother and father-in-laws-to-be that they INSISTED that so-and-so from way back when be on the list. I hope we don't run out of booze.

Has Anyone Tried This???

Does it really, truly exist? Can I put into champagne? Anna commented about elderflower liquor and champagne which is one of MY FAVORITE drinks in the whole world. Originally, I was going to use St. Germain in one of the cocktails except I found out it's hella expensive. I was trying to figure out if there was such a thing as a ghetto version of this sweet, sweet nectar when I came across the IKEA Elderberry syrup. Has anyone tried it? Can I use it in a champagne punch*? I'm going to IKEA right now to find this.
UPDATE: This tastes nasty. There are two different types of concentrate at IKEA and I got the one not pictured here so I'm not sure if it tastes very different. I mixed it with champagne and it was pretty gross. I'll have to experiment in other ways.

*We are doing a champagne punch and another cocktail (McCool Mule, anyone? Thnx
Jamie!) instead of champagne toasts. We would only be able to afford crappy champ and that's no fun.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

{via d*s}

I need some cocktail suggestions. A simple, sweet cocktail that requires no crushing or muddling just a bunch of booze and some ice. And no whiskey - that stuff turns me into the devil.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Another ridiculous article coming your way (via jezebel)! Apparently, weddings bring out the most cliche personalities in women so BEWARE. I'm pretty sure that after the being friends for 29, 20, 10 years I know my girls pretty well and I'm not worried about any surprise personality disorders popping up. And, hello, if you were really their friend wouldn't you love them because of (or in spite of) their "funky, dyed hair" and tattoos? "Be cognizant of friends who march to the beat of their own drummer." God forbid, our friends have personalities and styles of their own!

And in regards to romance - "If the thought of a bridesmaid getting busy in the banquet hall's bathroom makes you cringe, rigid requests, like a 12-hour vow of celibacy on the big day, are perfectly legal." Fornication at my wedding is not only allowed but STRONGLY encouraged! Mingle and be merry people!

There was never a question in my mind about who I wanted by my side the days leading up to and at the wedding. I'm pretty lucky to have a bunch of rad ladies in my life who have known me through the good and the bad times and know how to handle my crazy. I have no doubt in my mind that these girls will rock out and totally MAKE the party happen.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We received the sweetest little package of photos from davina + daniel the other day. I know you're probably sick of looking at our ugly mugs but look at this face! I love that pup.

And I couldn't resist showing a couple more of my favorites.

What Wedding Planning Looks Like

{I apologize for the crappy cell phone pic. BOTH of our cameras broke!}

Fabric, paper, envelopes all over the table and floor. Garlands hanging from the walls. What you can't see from this cell phone photo is all the cat fur in the carpet since I haven't had any free time to vacuum. Oh and I won't show you but trust me when I tell you this is the cleanest room in the house. Not.pretty.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Exactly What I Needed

An email from this practical, perceptive lady.

This remarkable recap.

And you guys. Thank you for all the sweet, smart, sensible comments over the past few days. You are all so amazing.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bill kindly reminded me yesterday that we are at the 2 month mark. It must be so nice to feel excited about the wedding and not worry about the fact that we have no stamps for our invites yet* or that our savings and cost projections do not equal out anymore. I was up to 2am trying to catch my breath.
*Stamps are here and 1/4 of the invitations are out. Yay!

Eff Your Gripes

Not like it should come as a surprise that I disagree with an article on The Knot but this one (via MSN)* in particular just makes my blood boil with rage. Don't you think a couple planning their wedding has enough going on with trying to please themselves, their parents, the budget, etc.? Why would you even consider creating this ludicrous list to make us feel more guilty and stressed out than we probably already do??? You are a wedding publication and, therefore, I would think that you know something about all the different factors that go into planning one of these shindigs and understand that not everyone has the budget or the resources to follow every single one of your rules. Our weddings aren't all about us and therein lies the problem.

First, of all, I've been to weddings on a holiday and I was happy for the chance to party with my friends on New Year's Eve. If your vacation time is that important to you don't come to my wedding. Take the fam to the Cape, watch some fireworks and have a blast. I won't be offended. And if you would rather be "watching the game" then most likely I didn't invite you.

I have never once been to a wedding of a friend or loved one and thought that I had "given up my free day" to be there. When did a wedding become about putting on a show and making sure people were entertained? If you need help having a good time then you are problem a boring person and weren't invited anyway.

I HOPE that the people who have an issue like any of the items on that list just stay home. If you are going to complain, if all you came for was the free food and booze and not to, oh I don't know, celebrate a marriage of a loved one then please don't come. I would much rather be surrounded by the people who truly care about us and matter to us and who want to be there. Our guests are all adults (for the most part) and can make grown up decisions like whether or not to go to a wedding on a holiday, outdoors, with maybe some *gulp* bugs and a buffet dinner.

*and here. Beth - you are one of my heros. You are usually so practical and savvy. Why would you even consider putting your readers through the stress of worrying about this list???