Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I started writing this blog as a way to express and vocalize my wedding plans, fears, dreams and anxiety anonymously. Over the months, for various reasons (and because I can't keep a secret, apparently), more and more people that I know started visiting and joining the conversation. I was totally fine with that except I didn't feel comfortable being as open as I had been before and the blog started being more about the pretty with a few rants here and there. I have decided that 1) I don't want to focus on the little details anymore and 2) I don't want to waste my energy ranting. So, with much hesitation, I am going to stop updating {un}Veiled Vows. This blog has seriously changed my life. I mean, really, it has. Half of my good friends in San Diego I have met because of this blog. I can't believe I have only known them for a little over a year! I found something that I truly love, something that I can say that I am good at, and hope will become something I can turn into my full-time career soon. I have been introduced to many creative people and creative ideas. It makes me so happy that a world of open-minded, unique, creative couples and vendors really does exist and that there is an open, intelligent conversation going on about marriage and what it means to get married. So it does make me sad to be leaving it but I really want to spend the last couple of weeks of my engagement focusing on my husband-to-be and working on our new life together instead of thinking of what aspect of the planning I should blog about or worrying about nasty commenters. I will still be talking about (other peoples') weddings over at Sweet Emilia Jane because I do really still love weddings. I might come back after July 3rd and tell ya how it all went down.

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this and for all your insight and advice. You guys rock. xoxo.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Miss Erin, Jenna and I created a bohemian love shoot for the Inspired Creations Contest! Check out our entry here and here. Even more pictures here!

Friday, June 4, 2010



Even though I plan and coordinate events for other people, and I understand how incredibly important a coordinator, especially on the day of, can be for a couple, I really thought that I could handle my wedding all by my little lonesome. Well, now I'm started to realize that I am a fool through and through. I don't want to worry about lighting 150 candles or keeping the booze full and I don't want my friends to have to worry about it either. Like one of my warriors said - "I am all yours and will do anything you want until the ceremony is over but after that game over. I'll be hitting the cocktails and the dance floor." A men. I am right there with ya. But now, of course, the funds are feeling a wee bit sad and there isn't a whole lot more room for any new expenses. Does anyone know of a budding coordinator in Massachusetts who wants to gain some experience and be a part of the most kick-ass wedding extravaganza EVER???

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Oh and ps: we are 30 days out now. And here is some 30 day out advice* -

I wish I had stuck to my guns more and not given into what other people told me I HAD to do. There are elements that are not going to feel like us or ours. I mean they're stupid little details and I probably won't give a crap about them on the day but, right now, I kind of wish I had told everyone to just eff off and deal with it. So if you have a gut feeling about something don't compromise. Sure there will definitely be times that you have to give in a little bit but keep the things that are important to you and express who you are as a couple.

*I think this post was a bit misunderstood. I am not looking for a pity party here. The majority of our wedding will be all us and will be f*ing amazing. I just wanted to let those out there who have a little bit more time to plan to know it's OK to put their feet down and not compromise on things that are important to them.
The mister has some long, silky locks right now. I think he feels like it is his last harrah as a young man before he gets married and his hair falls out (just kidding). Anyway, he was planning on cutting it off before the wedding but I actually think the long hair is pretty hot so I'm trying to convince him to let it stay. Here are some sharp grooms with little to no grooming.

{via Once Wed, Bride's Cafe and Once Wed}

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hey Sister/MOH

I was inspired by Coquette and Dove's posts to create a dream outfit for my sister and maid-of-honor.

Dear Sister,

If I had any wiggle room in the budget I would buy you all these accessories to go with your pretty dress.

{sweater, belt, necklace, shoes}