Thursday, June 3, 2010


Oh and ps: we are 30 days out now. And here is some 30 day out advice* -

I wish I had stuck to my guns more and not given into what other people told me I HAD to do. There are elements that are not going to feel like us or ours. I mean they're stupid little details and I probably won't give a crap about them on the day but, right now, I kind of wish I had told everyone to just eff off and deal with it. So if you have a gut feeling about something don't compromise. Sure there will definitely be times that you have to give in a little bit but keep the things that are important to you and express who you are as a couple.

*I think this post was a bit misunderstood. I am not looking for a pity party here. The majority of our wedding will be all us and will be f*ing amazing. I just wanted to let those out there who have a little bit more time to plan to know it's OK to put their feet down and not compromise on things that are important to them.


Ms. Bunny said...

Like you said, they are little details. What's done is done, so worrying is not worth your energy. Focus on the stuff that is meaningful and do feel like the two of you. That's the stuff that's important.

We all have to make some compromises and sacrifices, and, I'm sure they are worth it for everyone's sanity. And, who knows, maybe you'll actually appreciate them the day of!

Kerry said...

Bummer, did your mom ask you to refrain from wearing your lace kneepads to the wedding?? (creepy picture!)

No worries. Look forward only. It will totally feel "you."

Anonymous said...

oh I am so sorry... but focus on the parts that are you. think of the other parts as times you can use to pull yourself together. I know I need those times or I will be crying through the whole thing.

{un}Veiled Vows said...

Thanks guys but I wasn't actually fishing for pity here! :) It's not really something I think about often or cry myself to sleep over. I just wish someone had told me way back when that I should stick to my guns. Actually, I'm sure someone did and I caved anyway. :)

And, Kerry - Oh hells yes I will be wearing my lacy knee pads and stroking my evil black cat through the WHOLE thing! :)