Friday, May 7, 2010

Another ridiculous article coming your way (via jezebel)! Apparently, weddings bring out the most cliche personalities in women so BEWARE. I'm pretty sure that after the being friends for 29, 20, 10 years I know my girls pretty well and I'm not worried about any surprise personality disorders popping up. And, hello, if you were really their friend wouldn't you love them because of (or in spite of) their "funky, dyed hair" and tattoos? "Be cognizant of friends who march to the beat of their own drummer." God forbid, our friends have personalities and styles of their own!

And in regards to romance - "If the thought of a bridesmaid getting busy in the banquet hall's bathroom makes you cringe, rigid requests, like a 12-hour vow of celibacy on the big day, are perfectly legal." Fornication at my wedding is not only allowed but STRONGLY encouraged! Mingle and be merry people!

There was never a question in my mind about who I wanted by my side the days leading up to and at the wedding. I'm pretty lucky to have a bunch of rad ladies in my life who have known me through the good and the bad times and know how to handle my crazy. I have no doubt in my mind that these girls will rock out and totally MAKE the party happen.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Almost every sentence in that article deepened the furrow in my brow. What a farce.

Also, why start with the quote from My Best Friend's Wedding if you're not going to pretend there is some chance the endless parade of Hollywood movies where the attendant breaks up the couple could happen in real life? While maybe less likely in the real world, that would suck a lot more than a bridesmaid, gasp!, getting a new tattoo, or, pearl-clutch!, trying to hook up.

Erin ever after said...

there was definitely some ugly bumping at our wedding and I say have at it. It makes for really good stories.

Davanie said...

"a vow of celibacy" are you kidding me? who are these people that are writing this garbage? but more importantly, do you think anyone is following this advice?

plus the "vow of celibacy" sounds like it includes the bride that's requesting it...

Ms. Bunny said...

"Be cognizant of friends who march to the beat of their own drummer."

Um, so basically you want a troop of Stepford wives standing up with you? What?! Seriously, I just don't get this advice.

I want the wonderful women in my life who have amazing personalities to stand up with me. That's why I want them by my side...because of their personalities! I wouldn't consider them to be good friends if I didn't like their unique personalities.

All of the advice in that article is rubbish.

anna and the ring said...

I'm not going as far as match making but I am hoping for sparks to fly!

Why do I have the right to tell people what to be like?!

Also why are they my friend if I find them so tiresome?!


Dannikke said...

i totally want to dye my hair bright blue now! that one of your colors right? hahaha.