Friday, January 30, 2009

Location Location Location

My ideal location scenario right now would be my parents backyard, after that it would a summer camp or camp-like location (more on this later) BUT if I was having a decked out East Coast affair I would have my wedding here.

Here are three reasons:

A French Bo-Ho theme: "The Beehive gets its name and inspiration from La Ruche (the French translation of the beehive), which was an artists' residence in the Montparnasse Quarter of Paris in the 1920's.

Like No Other: "Our unique Bohemian space works to provide you with a non-traditional venue to create a one-of-a-kind evening."

Party all night long: What restrictions (if any) are there on noise levels? None

My two new favorite venues though are the Smog Shoppe
and Marvimon.

They are quirky and stylish and green and amazing. I am so jealous of brides who get to have their weddings here (hem hem).

{Beehive photo from here}

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AmyJean said...

The Marvimon location is awesome! Too bad it doesn't fit a larger crowd!