Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At Home?

I'm starting to think that an "at home wedding" is not the most financial-savvy move. Seems like some people got away with spending less at a venue. Maybe the ceremony can be at my parent's house (it is just so beautiful there I can't really let go of wanting to get married there) and have the reception somewhere else? Anyone else discover this?

{Photo from Rachel Getting Married}


Hannah Noel said...

Ugh-- I wanna see that movie sooo bad!!

I think you can either spend a fortune or save a lot of money, regardless of where you are having your reception. It all depends on you, your budget, your spending habits and control (or lack thereof).

Maggie said...

For what it's worth: My sister had her ceremony and reception in my parents' backyard, and for my wedding my mom told me up front not to worry about cost comparisons with my sister (we're having a beach destination wedding), because the costs of having to rent EVERYTHING for her wedding added up to MUCH more than we would have guessed. By comparison, she said, my first-choice venue - the one I originally thought was so expensive - was actually a deal.

Ceremony there and reception elsewhere? If you're okay with that, absolutely! Maybe it's the best of both worlds - their backyard and someone else's linens, dishes, tables, chairs, and food.

Marte said...

it depends on how you do it. Renting stuff is really expensive. If you just borrow mismatching chairs from every neighbor and church etc, don't mind serving your food on disposable dinnerware, and live in a part of the country where it hardly ever rains (so no tents), or have a big barn available..... It will most certainly be cheaper than a reception elsewhere. And it will be personal, and intimate. And really, disposables or mismatching borrowed dinnerware is good enough for any other party, so if you let go of the idea that a Wedding needs to be Perfect, then you can do it a lot cheaper at home.

magpiesandmagnolias said...

I LOVE the wedding scene in this movie. The intimacy of the ceremony made me dream about a wedding like that! The way they were all stadning around them was dreamy. My bf's family is huge though, so I am not sure how it would work.