Friday, January 30, 2009

McG's Dream Wedding

A friend of mine bought me the Real Simple Wedding Guide (more like a novel) and while reading it I was slightly offended that all wedding magazines, even those without a name with the word 'bride' in it, are targeted to women. It just assumes that the reader is a woman. Do men really not care about planning a wedding? Since I would rather go to a mountaintop to elope and this big party business is all McG's brillant idea I asked him what he would do if he had to plan the whole thing. After he gave me his answers I realized why women, for the most part, take the lead in planning.
The details of McG's dream wedding:
  • One bouncy castle
  • The In-N-Out trailer
  • A dance floor that only lights up when he walks on it (after some pleading he agreed that it could light up when I walked on it too)
  • Ice Cream with all the flavors of a meal ex. Steak Ice Cream and Green Bean Ice Cream
  • BB Gun favors

'Nuff said.

UPDATE: I actually LOVE the idea of the In-N-Out trailer and would totally do this if it were available on the east coast (there's actually a photo of one in the Real Simple Guide and that's where he got the idea). The point is that the four things above are the ONLY things he would plan. No centerpieces, no cake, nothing. Those details completely slipped his mind.

If you have In-N-Out trailer photos from your wedding I would LOVE to see them!


AmyJean said...

I love the real simple wedding guide. still reading it actually. LOL.

And I think the in-n out trailer and the lighting up dance floor is an uber cool idea :) I'd do it! FUN !

Color Me Green said...

um yeah. boys will be boys. i think a lot of guys just aren't interested in weddings, mine included. quote "we could get married in a trash can" and he wouldn't care as long as i "smooch him in front of people and we get to have sex at the end of the night." cracks me up.

Ashley Rose Photography said...

I actually got the IN-N-OUT truck for my wedding :) havent posted about it though! I can send you some shots of it, if you like, honestly it was soooo worth it! :)

Hannah Noel said...

What's an in-n-out trailer?

Once A Bride said...

Of course he forgot the flowers and the cake :) I actually think his version would make one heck of a party!

heather said...

This is awesome. The in-n-out trailer would be a great idea :) We have them come to our church anniversary parties and everyone loves them! (Except they don't do french fries :( ) Yeah, if Bryan planned the wedding we would elope. That would be his plan.

Michelle @ My Wedding Report said...

I just wrote a post on the Real Simple Wedding! haha

And I love McG's wedding planning ideas! :) They remind me of what Mark would say. We actually talked about the In n Out trailer for our rehearsal dinner. But I think we may be scratching that idea.