Friday, February 2, 2007

ok ok ok. Here are the Nicole Miller dresses I tried on. I'm not telling which one I chose though. So there.

I am pointing to the giant Barbie pouf at the bottom. My friend said I looked like a princess when I walked out and I knew I had to take that bad boy off immediately.

I felt pretty good about fitting into this one since it was a sample worn by a model. I had to take itty bitty baby steps though because my thighs are crammed in there like a couple of sardines.

This one has a sexy back so no Bardot hair.

I called this one the wallpaper dress because of the crazy texture fabric. But it was actually very flattering and pretty in person.

1 comment:

davina said...

i particularly love that second one. you look like a hollywood siren! but then again, you look amazing in all of them!

p.s. i totally hear you on the princess thing. that's my scary word. that and "bridal."