Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Veiled Vows

Can you keep a secret?

This isn't my first time.

I have another blog. My family, friends and boyfriend (along with new blog friends and perfect strangers) all read it on a daily basis which is wonderful. But there are some things that I would prefer to keep a secret.

Like my non-existent wedding plans.

I'm not engaged. I mean we've been talking about it every day and even have a date in mind but nothing is officially official. Our parents have no clue. Our friends are in the dark. Nonetheless, I can't imagine planning ANYTHING anymore without blogging about it (is that sad?) I need a storage space of images and links to be able to refer to at all times.

So here it is.

Veiled Vows.

I hope you have fun and find inspiration with me on my journey toward marital bliss.

{photo via Loveology}


jessica lynn said...

i was the same way. blogging about the wedding planning before i was engaged. haha. i knew it was going to happen and I had to have somewhere to blab about all my thoughts and ideas! best of luck to you and you new blog! so far i love what I have seen!

Julia said...

i also recently became obsessed with planning my wedding even though I'm not actually engaged yet but may be in the next few months...thinking of doing just this and making a secret wedding blog of my own. thanks for making me feel like i'm not creepy to be doing that!

A.Mountain.Bride said...

oh how funny - I started my lil blog long before we were engaged too.