Friday, December 8, 2006

Kate aka Bacon Bump

Sophia aka Happy Boobs

Excuse the weird faces I'm making. :)


Abbie said...

I love them all. They're gorgeous. The second was has really cool detail.

east side bride said...

KATE. katekatekate.

men always prefer slinky over empire waist. always.

Erin ever after said...

Soooo beautiful!. I vote Kate. If that is a bacon bum, hell I want one.

A Los Angeles Love said...

Lovely all around. I'm leaning towards Kate, but only because I think the white helps me see "wedding" and it feels elegant and sophisticated. But I love the Jenny Yoo too - especially when I saw how flowy and graceful it is in a real-life setting from Noa's pictures. I don't think you can go wrong with either. (though I don't know if I like the grey color - would you be going for a white/off-white?)

davina said...

ohmigosh! i'm so excited!
ok, ok, so i'm 100% for bacon bump, i mean, kate. love it. and love it on you.

p.s. you have no bacon bump, but i love the expression.

{un}Veiled Vows said...

Yes, the Drew dress (seen in gray) would be white-ish like the picture on Jenny Yoo's site. Thanks for all your sweet comments. I know y'all are really into the Kate but I'm leaning towards Drew in a major way.