Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bill kindly reminded me yesterday that we are at the 2 month mark. It must be so nice to feel excited about the wedding and not worry about the fact that we have no stamps for our invites yet* or that our savings and cost projections do not equal out anymore. I was up to 2am trying to catch my breath.
*Stamps are here and 1/4 of the invitations are out. Yay!


Sara said...

I feel ya. We're one month out from our wedding and I have so much to do. And my fiance is leaving for two whole weeks this month. One week for work, one week for bachelor party. Must be nice.

jessica lynn said...

you can and will make it to your wedding day intact! just keep swimming and hang in there!

ashley said...

don't worry! I don't mind helping you out in some way or another. we can go get local flowers like you wanted if it's cheaper!- you don't have to post this comment. Just wanted to say hi and miss you. It'll come together.