Monday, April 12, 2010

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I was chatting with my baker/blogger friend Marisa today. She is the talent behind Sweet n' Flour - a mouth-watering bakery in Florida. She sent me some photos of a recent wedding she baked for and I fell in love with everything so much I had to share. I know this is not your typical, perfectly-executed wedding where everything looks couture from the chairs to the napkin rings. It is not in a backyard or at a resort or winery. This is a real-effing-wedding* with a few pretty details, a couple DIY projects and a lot of heart.

{love the bathroom}

{bamboo utensils!}

{Marisa's cakes and cupcakes!}

{my favorite photo...more photos here}

*Not to say that those picture perfect weddings are not real in any way. This one just seems a little more accessible for some folks (including myself).


A Los Angeles Love said...

Thank you. I needed this. Beautiful in its own right, entirely so.

Teresa said...

Perfect. All of it.

Mrs. Ford said...

The simplicity of this wedding is what really makes it so beautiful! The DIY crafts are awesome also! I did a lot of DIY crafts for my wedding as well.

Margaret said...

I am *loving* this wedding. It makes me feel purely happy and excited... it looks lovely, and it doesn't give me a bit of wedding angst. I'd take this over 100 "perfect" affairs on SMP.

Laurel said...

Love the cakes!