Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And then, of course, there is the best that comes out. Like my amazing little sister and best lady. She and I aren't the kind of siblings that talk once a week or even once a month (though we SHOULD!) but when we need each other we are there 100%. She is a frequent stalker *hem hem* reader of this blog and wrote me a kind and supportive email this morning. It's really nice to have one family member on my side. She is now dubbed Best Lady aka Wedding Mediator aka Master Cake Tester. That's right...the lucky duck has said she will go around tasting cakes for me since I can't. I'm sure she's real torn up about it.

And then there are you guys. Thank you thank you thank you for being on my team. I half expected you guys to tell me to stop being such a whiny brat but you were totally sympathetic and your comments made me feel 100 times better.

After venting over tequila last night, I gathered my thoughts and wrote an email to both parents. I am more than willing to compromise on this matter but I had to make them understand that we need better, more open communication. It's hard enough already trying to plan this thing from a different coast. I hope they get it. As long as there are no giant ice sculptures when I show up I'm good.


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A Los Angeles Love said...

Oh god - I missed your post yesterday or I would have written all my ranty thoughts in response. But I am so thrilled that your sister, the tequila, and some time to think gave you direction. Your mother's behaviour was ridiculous, absurd, and completely out of line in every way possible. Your email, willingness to compromise, and open communication sound incredibly mature and my fingers are crossed for you. This will work out.