Monday, January 25, 2010

So this past weekend I went up to LA to meet with the cutest couple ever about their wedding cupcakes. My fiance had a rehearsal that evening for a web show he is writing and in between we decided to stop by Shareen Vintage to see if I could finally decide on a dress. I had read about Shareen on Utterly Engaged and was blown away by the racks and racks of dresses. Well, someone must have had a really good time in photoshop because the place is not as bright and cheery as those photos might make it seem. It's actually a giant warehouse with concrete walls and floors. It is dark and the coldest place I have ever step foot in. Yes, there were racks and racks of dresses but they save all the good stuff* in the back (roped off) for designers and stylists. Boys really aren't allowed (poor fiance) because you change out in the open. I'm not the most modest girl so this is fine with me but it might be a shock to someone who is and, did I mention, the place is FREEZING. Finally, after about 30 minutes of being there, one of the many employees asked me if I needed any help. When she realized I was a bride she whisked me away into the back where they had more high end wedding dresses and got me a blanket to stand on (my cold toesies were pleased). This was very sweet and the wedding dresses in the back were way better than anything out front. Still, the dresses weren't in the best condition (a lot of holes, stains). She then promptly forgot about me and another employee came in and chided me for being back there. Needless to say, I walked away empty-handed with a case of the sniffles.

*There are some great finds for non-wedding dresses in the front, I must say. A few of the girls there were looking for Grammy dresses. And the prices start anywhere from under $100 to $400 (I didn't see much priced higher than that).

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