Friday, January 22, 2010

My friend, Cori, is nice enough to share her amazing DIY, vintage, gorgeous, most cursing beautiful blue dress wedding you have ever seen in your life with us soon (a certain big wig site is probably going to snatch it up first but I'm going to try to beat them to the punch.) I just wanted to share this little glimpse of the romantic, sweet love she and her husband share with this post from her blog. As part of their wedding ceremony, they placed love letters, wine and two glasses into a crate to be opened if their relationship ever finds itself in rough waters. Now living abroad in an adorable petite flat they decided to write a new set of letters and send them into the Seine on a recent trip to Paris. How romantic is that! I can't even stand it.

OK. OK. Here is just a little peek at this blue-eyed beauty!

{via brooklyn bride}