Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This past weekend I went on my first Vegas trip. It was a little too cold to get into too much trouble but we still managed to have an amazing time. I was also pretty happy to finally be able to try on some Saja dresses while I was there (no one in San Diego carries this line yet). I had made an appointment at Bella Bridesmaid and was so thrilled with my time there. Not a scary wedding dress experience at all. This is actually my 2nd dress trying on experience. I didn't talk about my first one, not because I had a bad time, but I just knew nothing could come out of it. I had gone with a friend who is also getting married and who wanted to check out the new San Diego boutique - The White Flower. The selection of dresses is wonderful but all just a little out of my price range. There were a range of unique designers - like my favorite Lea-Ann Belter - and gorgeous, gorgeous gowns. I even had that moment I didn't think I was capable of having where I looked at myself in the mirror and got all bride-y thinking "this is the one". Expensive lace and silk will do that to you, I suppose. If you are in the San Diego area and what to see dresses you probably won't find anywhere else then I say give The White Flower a visit.

But back to Bella -
I found three dresses that I liked and loved and, surprisingly, none of them are Saja even though that's what I went there to find. The Saja dresses were all so sweet and seriously the lightest and most comfortable dresses I have ever worn but just barely didn't make the cut. I was thrilled that in the collection at Bella were also a couple Jenny Yoo and Alix & Kelly dresses.
The Jenny Yoo dress is a version of another dress that I had been eyeing ever since I saw Emily wear it at the wedding I went to with Feather Love this past summer. It is so far my favorite and in my budget (yay!).
My friends, however, really are rooting for Kate. It is very ooh la la but maybe a little too "huggy" on my behind and belly (granted I had tried to eat $20 worth of bacon at a buffet that morning). I would have to wear triple spanks (Kristina of A Lovely Morning looked phenomenal in a similar dress and actually recommends this for underneath) and I don't want to worry about not being able to eat more than my share of cake.
Another Alix & Kelly dress - Sophia - made it into the top three because my boobs looked pretty happy.

Las Vegas ladies - go see Jamie. She is super sweet and not at all pushy and knows her sh*t. I adore her and her cute boutique (The Cupcakery being close by doesn't hurt either).

And if you are thinking of going the J Crew route go to Alix & Kelly or Saja or Jenny Yoo first. They are all in a similar price range (some even cheaper) and feel and look way more luxurious (to me anyway).

And here is a sneak peek of me in the dresses. The Jenny Yoo dress is the bridesmaid version in gray.


Anonymous said...

I work at the bellabridesmaid in la jolla! We have lots of jenny yoo, but sadly not a lot of bridal, but do come in and see us! we would love to help! :-)

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

but what happened to the j crew dress you found on ebay?

{un}Veiled Vows said...

Yeah, my advice is don't buy dresses online unless you have seen and tried it on. As much as I loved that dress on the (itty bitty) model I just didn't love it on me. I debated and debated and finally sold it on Once Wed. I won't be purchasing another dress until the last possible moment now so I don't become a 3 dress bride.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for the second dress. The Kate? Maybe it is because it somewhat similar to my dress and you better believe I am going to have some serious spanx and not eating for a week! ;)