Wednesday, November 18, 2009

There's No I'm Sorry About It

I have a favor to ask all the bloggers and blog-commenters out there. Can we stop apologizing, please? I really don't want to read another introduction to a post that starts with "I'm sorry I said that..." or "I'm sorry I feel this way but..." Or a comment apologizing for writing an opinion or feeling a certain way or making a certain decision. Your feelings and opinions are completely valid when it comes to your wedding. Just because our budgets differ or our invitation process is different doesn't mean that one of us is wrong. We don't have to judge each other for making those choices. Sure, we can still express individual thoughts (in a civil and nonjudgemental manner, of course) but it doesn't have to be a battle. I love posts that make me think about all the other ways people go about planning a wedding and make me want to participate in a discussion. It doesn't mean I'm going to think you are a horrible person for feeling that way or doing that thing.

So own it and stand up for yourself! Don't let people tell you that your feelings are wrong or you're choices are not right just because it differs from what that person might have done. They're the *ssh*le, not you!


theflashdance said...

yes. love it. thank you.

Encore Bride said...

Right on! I agree...if you're going to have an opinion you need to be able to own up to it and defend it, you can't make any apologies!

cupcake wedding said...

Uh, yeah.

I had a female boss once who told me she was sick of all her female employees apologizing for things men wouldnt never even sweat about.

It's a sickness


Chocolate Lover said...

I'm totally with you!

Meg said...

Studies have been done that women use this sort of apology/justifcation language regularly, and men do not. I try to remember that.

Katie said...

Such a good point! I haven't written one of those posts myself, but in real life I tend to be super-apologetic about everything...and I HATE that about myself...I really have to work on fixing that...slowly but surely... :)