Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Love of My Life

These sparkly creations by Cathy Waterman are divine.

Yeah, I shouldn't have looked at the pricetag. Ah well.


Katerina @ GirlWithARing said...

pretty...but certainly overpriced :) I love love the square ring.

Dannikke said...

i love the one on the lower left...but i couldnt find it on the website link :( not like i would buy it... hehe.

anna and the ring said...

Oh swoon!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Waterman is a favorite of celebrities, so those prices are really out of whack.

I used to live near a shop that sold all her stuff. Her eternity rings are usually very diminutive, so they don't have the impact that you'd think from the photos, unless you stack them. But then you'd pay even more.

I think her designs are beautiful and she was ahead of her time when she started. Just not accessible for many people.