Monday, June 8, 2009

A Quick Change

I got a bit of grief when I mentioned slipping into something shorter for the dance portion of the evening. I'm still all about costume changes since I spent less than a hundred dollars on my dress BUT I also love the quick change made by this bride. She went from a pretty half-updo and veil during the ceremony -

to sexy curls and a rockin' pearl necklace (which she made).

{via Style Me Pretty}


sara-grey said...

totally pro a quick change. Especially if it's to increase comfort i.e. shorter dress for the reception.

Lucy R. E. said...

i def. support the presto-chango for at some point during the reception. which is why i bought a wedding dress with a detachable portion at the bottom. gotta free up to dance, yeah?

Teresa said...

Oh! These are fabulous.


ugh i got a lot of flack for that idea too. i'm still holding out that i'll be "allowed" to do it. maybe if i find something inexpensive enough that will work for dancing and the after party i'll be able to pull it off.

i say go for it girl!