Monday, March 30, 2009

An Urban Wedding

I have been on the lookout for a little white boho dress (under $200) for easier mobility while dancing.* Finally this morning it dawned on me - Urban Outfitters.

I love the first dress but I might have to wait for the sale.

*And, yes, I am PRO dress change no matter who it bugs. My minor was costume design so I'm big into costume changes. I would wear a different dress for every portion of the day if I could! And who says I'm only wearing this dress once? Who made up that dumbass rule?


east side bride said...

Nooooo. Dance in your *real* dress (which you only get to wear for one night of your life)!

It bugs me when people change.

Teresa said...

I must admit, I agree with east side bride, but that first dress is A-dorable!

Rosalie said...

I keep debating dress change, really I'm just a dress addict the more the merrier! Just discovered your blog, love it :)