Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Inspiration Board: Clare's Simple and Romantic Affair

Clare asked me for an inspiration board to merge her whimsical fantasies with her fiance's more subdued desires. I'm all about the little details and I think a marriage between simple and elegant can totally work. The color choices - black, white and sky blue - already set a clean tone so playing it up with fun details won't look overdone at all. Simple invitations with swooping calligraphy and rows of tea lights paired with stunning chandeliers. Plus he has no say in the fitting room so your dress can be as fancy-schmancy as you want!


Clare said...

Ooo! thank you so much :) It's lovely and beautiful and I'm saving it to my desktop right now!

This definitely helps me 'see' how our different styles can work together.. you rock!

Sammy said...

Where is the dress in the upper left corner from? It's beautiful. -Sam