Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Want Your S*t

OK, I know this is a little premature but most of the gals who read this blog are most likely going to get hitched before I do. Lord knows, Captain likes to take his sweet ass time. Anyway, this is me pleading for your s*t. If you don't think you'll want to hang onto those 50 glass jars or 80 white paper lanterns, hey, just pass those puppies my way. 120 teal napkins? Sure, I'll take 'em right off your hands! 10 glass cake stands? No problem! Seriously, email me. I want your s*t. OK, no more cussing from this lady, I swear.


Abbie said...

This is too funny. I basically went to friends and said... let's cost-share! I had actually already bought a lot of stuff. I'm off-loading paper lanterns that I bought prematurely and decided not to use on a girlfriend who is desperate for them.

I wish I lived close-by and wouldn't have to ship everything to you!!

jamie said...

didn't i already tell you i have mason jars for you? and in north park?