Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have been collecting wedding inspiration on my work computer (sssh don't tell) and decided this morning that it might not be the wisest decision. So I am uploading everything onto a tumblr page. Tumblr is actually a pretty cool way to collect images that you might now want to post about right away but want to save for later. Anyone else you Tumblr for storage???


Lucy R. E. said...

I use my tumblr as a sort of image bookmarking system for my wedding inspiration. It's easier for me to find that picture I liked than to remember what wedding or site it came from. oh, and i have a tumblr bookmarklet in the browser on my work computer ;)

Color Me Green said...

I don't fully understand Tumblr - I've also seen it used as blogs rather than storage. But this might be a good idea, if I can store the original link with the picture on tumblr, because I hate saving a picture on my computer and then having to find the exact link again later on when I blog about it.