Friday, January 23, 2009

Bust Sizes of the Past

I found these two dresses that I LOVE on Vintageous last night. But what's up with itty bitty titty committees (can you say that on the internet) of the past? I am by no means a big busted lady but 32 inches??? And what size waist? I would have to remove some ribs to fit into these beauties.


AmyJean said...

Those are lovely! :)


Mrs English nee Trini said...

Lady lumps were definitely littler back then it seems. Maybe it's the hormones in the chicken... ;)

Hannah Noel said...

Hey!! I take personal offence to the itty bitty watcha mccallit!!

I'm 32, lol. It's hell trying to find bras that fit me. Where can I find those dresses, haha.