Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Speaking of warm...

I need some help. I'm going to a wedding on New Years Eve and I want to get some sort of wrap/shrug/shawl type situation. Most of my funds have gone to gift shopping so nothing that will break the bank. Like less than $50. Any ideas?


Maggie said...

I got a gorgeous wrap for a fall wedding from Anthropologie two months ago - they had a great selection!

Amanda said...

Right now I'm in love with Nimli. They have a ton of pashmina wraps on sale for around $20-$30.

Also, if you're really adventurous, they have a thing going on now that for $10 you pick the style of wrap/scarf and they pick the color. I ended up with a dark green scarf.

Emily: said...

I just got a fabulous scarf at Urban Outfitters that would be perfect!. It's only $20 (website says $24 but that's for the patterned ones!). It can be wide if you want a wrap, or folded in half to be more of a scarf. Comes in several great colors including black and white, and is a really nice soft material. Here's the link!

Emily: said...

okay my link doesn't work, but if you go to Urban's website, it's the "pash-like scarf"

hope that helps!

Veiled Vows said...

Thank you all! Great finds...hmmm now I have to pick just one!