Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Proposing to My Man

Before a few weeks ago, when McG and I started talking about "the reunion" everyday, I was actually planning to propose to him. I knew he wanted to ask me but I also know my man and it takes him FOREVER to follow through with a decision. I was going to give him until our 4 year anniversary and than pop the question myself.

Then a couple of weeks ago we started talking plans. And starting saying things like "when" instead of "if" and "our wedding" instead of "a wedding." So I decided to take it one step farther and in the middle of dinner I just blurted out "How about Septembe 2010?". McG: "For what?" Me: "For our wedding." McG: "That sounds like a good date."

Oh. My. God. I thought. We're engaged! I wanted to tell everyone! Well, it turns out his thinking is we're not officially engaged until HE asks ME. What???!!? I consider myself a feminist and I always thought McG and I were on the same wave length. Proposals are sexist and getting engaged should be something a couple discusses, right? Well, we talked/fought about it and now I understand that it's important for him to do something special for me because he loves me. Not because he thinks it's his role to be "the decider". And it's not like we haven't talked about it a million times and it's not like there's any question that I won't say yes.

Then last night I confessed that I had planned on proposing thinking that it's obviously out of the question now. "Oh, you could have proposed to me. That would have been nice." Heh?

So we're back to Plan A (or A.1). I want to have something ready for when he proposes so that I can propose at the same time. Make sense?

Now here is where you come in. What is a good engagement ring subsitute? I've heard a watch but McG doesn't wear a watch and probably wouldn't even if I bought him one. Cufflinks? I kind of want that to be the wedding present. Any ideas?

{Photo from Robert Ryan}


Maggie said...

I gave cufflinks!!


Broke-ass Bride said...

A nice moneyclip/wallet?
A cool, engraved, old school pocketwatch?
Cufflinks are a nice idea.

Miss Trini said...

Aw man, how cute are you guys?

Another vote for pocketwatch here.
Or something made in the year of his birth? (What that something could be, I don't know...)

AmyJean said...

is a tattoo to permanent? lol. I like all the ideas above...an engraved flask? Cufflinks? Money clip ... they all seem to work. What would he like?

Veiled Vows said...

I really like the pocketwatch idea! That is awesome...who knows if he would use it but it would still be rad. And I really want to get something engraved. Thank you, lovelies!

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea! I like the pocketwatch idea and/or a really really nice wristwatch - as I know my boy would really appreciate a very nice watch.

heather said...

Bryan has brought up a few times that he wanted a "man-gagement" ring... I never did buy it for him because he is so picky that trying to find him 2 bands was just too much :)

S the designer bride said...

aww, it's good to know that i'm not the only one who didn't have a proper engagement. we too, sort of discussed it OVER THE PHONE when he's in San Fransisco and me, in Singapore on the way to work.

i'll actually go for a pocket watch or even just a very simple ring. not fancy enough to be a wedding band, but just something he can wear before you the day and after that, he can still wear it with a necklace! closer to the heart, they say. (:

London bride said...

I vote for PocketWatch! What an awesome idea, he doesn't have to wear it but is something very special to have and wear. Or something like a beautiful Pen?