Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How much is your time worth??? Is it really worth it to slave and sweat and pour out blood and tears over these DIY projects just to save a buck or two or to feel like a you are having a "crafty wedding"? Once, a long, long, long time ago, I thought so. I thought I was superwoman and could work a full-time+ job, work a part-time self-employed job, plan a wedding from 3000 miles away AND make every single project myself. I'm good but I'm just not that good.

I almost dropped my Scandinavian-inspired, mass-produced curtain rod when I saw napkins almost IDENTICAl to the napkins I was planning on making myself (yes, sewing 120 napkins! Was I nuts??). On top of that, they were the same price as the fabric I had bought. So do I start a project that I KNOW will take me countless hours to complete and probably cause me to breakdown multiple times but will save me some cash and bragging rights or do I say screw the $$ and my pride and give in by bringing in a *gasp* non-DIY element.

Sure, the napkins won't PERFECTLY match the fabric we are using in the invitations (did I REALLY think anyone would notice???) but my sanity will be THAT much more intact.

So basically what I'm saying is this...if the project sounds super fun like...oh is it terrible that I can't think of a super fun DIY project right now?...then by all means do it instead of buying some mass-produced crap from Michaels BUT if you are dreading the hours and hours of time that you will need to put into doing something you hate (aka sewing) then screw it. Cut yourself some slack and go to IKEA.


A.Mountain.Bride said...

ditch the pride. sanity is worth big $$$. it's interesting how the reality of actually "living life" is now taking priority to "being crafting" for our wedding.

i can sleep soundly. it's a wonderful feeling.

Ms. Bunny said...

The test of a good DIY project: is it fun to do?

Shayna said...

Saw this on Design Sponge and thought of you:


Cheryl said...

I think you have to pick and choose what is worth loosing your mind over. And yes, I totally agree with Ms. Bunny. For me, it is fun to have my girlfriends over for bunting making and cocktails but it's sooooooo not worth it to fold millions of sheets of tissue together to make pompoms. Especially when they aren't that expensive. Good luck and thanks for all the great advice on the site.