Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hanging out with this lady and drinking wine is a DANGEROUS combination. She somehow convinced me to spend a weekend (or five) making these coffee filter garlands for the tent. Hold on. Let me put it through the DIY reality check...

Do I have skills in this area?
Who has skills making crafts out of coffee filters?? Really? I'm sure I could figure it out so YES.

Do I have a detailed list of supplies and instructions?
Not yet but give me a couple minutes with my google docs and I'll whip one up!

Can I figure it out on my own without numerous trial and error purchases?
How hard could stringing together a few coffee filters be? Right? Right!??

Is it actually cheaper than purchasing the items?
Considering some Etsy sellers are selling 30" garlands for $12 (!!!) and a pack of coffee filters from Costco will probably run me $5 I'm going to say YES.

Am I going to need help?
Hell yes.

Have I enlisted helpers?
Since this was her genius idea...Miss Erin will certainly be up for the job!

Estimate how much time this project will take. Double it? Am I OK with spending this much time on this project?
I must be losing it....yes?

Now how many feet of garland do you think I need for a 40'x60' tent???? Who wants to come over and play with paper and string?


Erin said...

You are funny. I'm glad the garlands made it through your DIY reality check because I think they will be the bomb diggity. Lets do it! I'll bring the vodka

kimB james said...

oh man I was gonna make these guys. i started with the tissue pom poms and the $ made me scared so i figured coffee filters are cheap right? well im sure we will both be struggling with diying these little suckers.

al said...

Have you posted the DIY instructions somewhere? I'd like to learn from the master's rather than trying to figure it out...