Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I don't typically do this but I couldn't say no when Cristina emailed me asking for some help. She and her fiance, Danny, are trying to win a wedding. Please take the time to read their story (I was sobbing by the time I finished) and vote for them. I know once you read about their remarkable and inspiring journey you will want this for them just as much as I do! Plus they are an adorable, artsy, crafty couple after my own heart!

Our love story.
We (Cristina + Danny) met in college and fell in love. Life was going perfectly but things took a difficult turn. I (Danny) started getting crazy symptoms; three days later I went paralyzed. I was diagnosed with a very rapid growing cancer and needed surgery right away. I lived in the hospital for months. She would drive over an hour everyday to see me. After 9 months of chemo and another 2 years for me to relearn how to walk, I asked her to marry me with a ring I made myself. We’re so excited to get married!

Three important details about our Ultimate Wedding.
#1 - We want our wedding to represent "us" - not the formal, over-the-top, extravagant version people feel is necessary at weddings - we want to show the couple that loves picnics, bbq's, Mexican food, dance parties, and s'mores. #2 - I (Cristina) am a designer and it's important for me to make my own wedding dress. #3 - We want to represent our artistic side (we're both designers) through an eclectic gathering of mismatched colors and designs that will create their own harmony and add uniqueness to our wedding; just like us (and our guests!)

Our everyday dream day.
Our everyday dream day is pretty much every day that we get to spend together. I (Cristina) almost lost Danny to cancer so we have realized that every moment that we get to spent together is incredibly special. We treasure even the mundane moments - grocery shopping is an adventure to us! Being with each other, our families, and friends are the days that we cherish most. But since we love traveling those days that we wake up in another country seeing a new site and culture is an extra special dream day.

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Wow... the top story has over 14,000 votes. Looks like we've got a lot of voting to do!!