Thursday, February 11, 2010


I wish I had read this little tidbit, oh I don't know, 11 months ago! New plan: I'm not going to plan another f*ing thing* until we get to MA in June.

{happy kids}

"today marks the third year of our marriage! what a wonderous trip it's been. i can't express well enough how lucky i feel everyday to have found him, my best friend, to spend my days with. he is endlessly inspiring, supportive and kind and i'm so glad to have him with me always. i will share with you a bit about our wedding day since i so love talking/thinking on it! initially we plotted a private union, possibly even a date at the courthouse followed by an extravagent party sometime later in the year however about two weeks prior to the date that we set i got swoony outside of holt renfrew and declared that i needed a lady friend by my side for this event to which landon responded he would need a man friend and that man friend would bring his ladyfriend and my ladyfriend would bring her man friend and so our little wedding party began! during the next two weeks we invited friends we happened to bump into and who did not have plans to leave the town for the holiday weekend. in the meanwhile sneaky father of mine caught wind of our growing party and booked us a glorious yacht complete with open bar and delicious grub for post-vow partytime. i was now in need of a dress and so i drew up a little sketch and sent it away with my wonderful talented friend who sewed up my adorable little dress to perfection (even adding a "something old" - her grandmum's buttons). it had all come together - only i was missing my bosom buddy who had recently moved out of our home and back to ottawa, i couldn't imagine the day without her and we spoke on the phone two nights before lamenting her absense. the night before the big event we had a joint bachelor/ette party/canada day party and in the middle of our festivities a very familiar face came through the door! my darling rebecca had joined us after all! my sneaky dad delivering the best wedding present of all. the morning of we went for brunch and then lazily made our way home to prepare. i was dizzy with excitement and hardly remember getting ready at all except for making up my ladies faces and drinking a good amount of the wine our friend had made for us. i rode to the beach with rebecca and my dad and i'm pretty sure as the three of us made our way towards our spot people thought that it was rebecca and i being married that day as we were both in white and dad was looking suspiciously priest like (save the badass skull tie). the rest of the story is better told in photos i think (but also because it's time for me to go and make eyes at landon). it was magic, i wish i could live this day over and over again! the best advice i can offer any bride to be is relax. i think people get their panties in a knot about this day but it's way too wonderful to worry about anything other than maybe having enough food?"

from hannah via esb (with another great piece of advice for the wedded folk)

*this may be an impossible dream at this point but I will keep my planning to a minimum, at least. No matter what Martha (or my mother) tells me I need to do.

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