Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wedding-Planning Resolutions

Via Eco Chic Weddings

"1. Getting married, or planning your wedding, does not mean you leave your brain at the door.

2. The only thing you "must do" to get married is get your marriage license and say "I Do."

3. Give yourself some respect, demand respect, and don't allow yourself to be belittled because you don't know which side of the plate the fork is supposed to go on.

4. You may not be a wedding expert, but you are a "YOU" expert.

5.Pick your battles--when it's easy to make someone happy, go for it, ie: Your husband-to-be does not want to (fill in the blank), give in if it's an easy one, that way you won't have to dig-in your heels so much to get what you want. It also feels really good when you can make another person happy. Even better than when you make yourself happy."