Monday, January 11, 2010

Make Up S/S 10

Though you wouldn't know it by my bank account I'm actually a pretty thrifty spender when it comes to my beauty regimen. I'm more sale loyal than brand loyal and I don't buy anything extra beyond what I need to look halfway presentable in public. So when I go into Sephora soon to get my wedding makeup supplies I'm going to need all the help I can get. I thought the best place to go to for advice would be a person who sees the dos and don'ts of makeup on a regular basis. So I sent one of my photographers - Davina (of Davina + Daniel) an email asking for some tips. Being the angel and goddess that she is, she responded with this gloriously helpful email. Here it is (all the pictures are my choices not hers via here):

"Alright, so I'm no makeup artist, but as I do photograph brides quite regularly, I think my 2 cents might be worth, well, about 2 cents... but that's better than nothing!

In a nutshell, I think makeup that photographs well is makeup that looks good to the naked eye, and then some. What might look a little much in person will actually photograph really well because the camera doesn't pick up as much as the eye does.
So an even complexion is a must, but easy on the blush! With all the emotions of the wedding day, I think most brides don't need blush at all as the natural rosy cheeks will inevitably peek through. Oh and brides need not worry about unexpected blemishes on their wedding day. They should do their best to cover them up, but your photographer (in your case, me!) should make the extra effort to remove them in post-production. If it's something you're worried about, just mention it to your photographer. I've done this for both brides and grooms and I'm sure that today their memories don't include the stress they felt about breaking out! Their photos show no sign of it so it becomes forgotten!

Another must is a well lined eye. This makes eyes pop which will, in turn, photograph really well. I swear by the eyeliner; it really does work wonders in emphasizing the eye. I'd also recommend highlighter, that's a white shimmer powder or pencil, in the corner of the eyes and under the brow line. This reflects the light and makes the eye pop.
When it comes to shadow, I have to admit that I don't really know what I'm talking about. I'm still trying to figure out what color to use on myself! I'd never think purples would look good yet some of the nicest makeup I've seen on some brides featured some purple eye shadow. I think shadows really depend on ones skin tone, eye color, and features and the way you apply it is also tricky business. If you're doing your own makeup and would like to use shadow, definitely get an expert to guide you through the right shade and technique.

Finally, for lips, I think a little gloss can go a long way. Whether you go for a colored lip shade or something neutral, make sure your lips are always hydrated and/or glossy. This is something that photoshop can't fix!

By the way, I'm a sucker for a red lip, but I know this doesn't suit everyone. It's the vintage lover in me, I guess!"

Any other tips? And ideas on what this pale-faced girl should get at Sephora?


Maggie said...

Go red! It was one of my favorite decisions about my wedding day. I chose Nars Cruella in the winter when I was really fair, and it looked every bit as good for our summer wedding with some color. Just perfect for the vintage vibe.

Jessica @ Mason Jar Bride said...

That's so smart! I wish I would have asked my photographer for makeup tips. But I did my own makeup for the wedding day and I was actually really happy with the results! I'm really pale too, and I don't wear much makeup on a regular basis, but I tried Make Up For Ever HD foundation (I think it was shade 115) and I reeeally liked the way it turned out in the pictures. My skin looked really even and smooth, but it didn't feel heavy or cakey. Other favorites that I used for the wedding day: Smashbox primer (which I'm now addicted to), Cargo blu-ray powder, Benefit "Hoola" bronzer, NARS blush, Smashbox eyeshadow and their cream eyeliner which is amazing and lasts forever, oh and don't underestimate the power of false lashes! I got the little individual ones from Make Up For Ever and they were great! Just practice with them ahead of time :) Good luck! I'm sure you'll look gorgeous!

A.Mountain.Bride said...

have you ever thought about going to MAC? most of my besties have had their make-up done their and it is AMAZING. I'll be going there to learn how to do it myself.

Arleene Taylor said...

Hi! My name is Arleene and I have a blog dedicated to just what this post is about! I'm a makeup artist with 6 years experience and focus mostly on bridal makeup artistry. My blog reviews products, highlights beauty trends for fall, gives brides tips and tricks, and lots of how-to's. Hope it helps you out, being a lovely bride is all in how you feel. And when you look beautiful, you feel beautiful!

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Michele said...

I think you have to be careful about wearing makeup with shimmer on your wedding day. A bit of highlight on your browbone and the inner corners of your eye is one thing (one very good thing, actually), but don't use bronzer, blush, shadow or pressed powder that has any amount of shimmer in it. Typically speaking, it does not photograph well (tends to make you look sweaty), and also doesn't wear well throughout the day.

I wholeheartedly second the recommendation to overall, use more make up than you would otherwise. Particularly around the eyes. It really does look quite different to the lens of the camera than to the naked eye.

Good luck!

A Los Angeles Love said...

First, after seeing you in those dress photos, I think you picked stunning makeup styles that will really highlight your porcelain skin/complexion. Lovely, simple and dramatic all at once.

I am a drugstore queen at heart, with a smattering of high end products mixed in. And I am pale as all heck. He's what I know:

Buy a set of good eyeshadow/application brushes. This doesn't need to come from Sephora. CVS has a good line and Target's Sonia Kashuk line is good too.

Check your foundation in the sunlight before you make a purchase. Most brands look great on me in the store, but weird in natural light.

I usually go drugstore for the dark circle concealer (Neutrogena) and high-end for my blemish concealer/evening out my skin tone (Laura Mercier). But everyone's skin is different. Go with what feels good to you.

If your skin is oily (mine is), I recommend a primer to keep down the shine in photos.

For eyeshadow, it often fades or gets in my creases if I don't use an eyeshadow base (I use MAC). This helps keep even marginal eyeshadows in place and looking great all day.

Also for eyeshadow, I like MAC because it's photo-quality stuff, but anything from Sephora should be fine with a good base. they'll show you how to apply it, in the color realm you like, at Sephora or a makeup counter. It will probably take at least three colors/tones to achieve the look you like (even though it will look effortless and light, per the photos you posted.) Take notes on where and which brushes (they should give you an eye diagram for reference.) Practice tons in a mirror (I think eyes are the hardest to master, for me.)

I swear by the new Cover Girl lash blast in the orange container. It's better than most high end stuff I've ever bought (gives me volume and length without ever clumping) and it comes in waterproof too (for the crying). The photographer who I bought my dress from recommended fake lashes because my eyes are smallish (it helps open/give them the illusion of size) but I don't know how or if I'll bother. I don't know how falsies would affect mascara.

For liner, the best drugstore option I've found is the Revlon Colorstay pencil (though I soften it with eyeshadow). I can't handle liquid liner (no patience), but it always looks better and might work best for the vintagey inspirations you posted. I'm pretty sure there are better high end options out there, but for pencils Revlon works for my everyday needs.

Focus on the eyes, the lips, and even toned skin and you'll look amazing. Um, you already do, but the makeup will help it photograph even more spectacularly. And, as my makeup fiend friends say (they taught me, since I was a hopeless tomboy for years) - just practice tons and photograph yourself tons. It may sound weird, but you'll look different in photos than in the mirror.

Also, there are tons of tutorials on you tube that you can use to train yourself on how to apply specific styles. Again, I have no patience, but I have put-together friends who swear by them.

Regardless, you'll look stunning.

colleen @inspiredtoshare said...

thanks for sharing these tips! i'm definitely going to keep them in mind.