Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Groom's Side

It can be, at times, a challenge getting my man as involved in the wedding planning as I am. And I GET it. Flowers and font and little pieces of fabric aren't as much his things as they are mine and that's OK. So I try to suggest things he might be into like the music and booze. That usually works for the first 5 minutes after I suggest it and then it vanishes completely out of his mind it until I ask how it's going two or three weeks later.

A Los Angeles Love's mister wrote a thoughtful and interesting post today (I love that he chimes in every once and awhile). Even if we weren't planning every last detail of our "dream wedding" as girls we certainly were, sometimes not so subtly, being brainwashed into thinking that we were going to have to think about it at some point. We were going to be the one who got to be a "princess for a day" and, with out mother and mother-in-law, made the bulk of the decision-making. The groom just had to show up and say "I do." Thank goodness for guys like Jason who want to redefine what it means to be a groom so it fits their personalities and interests. Guys who want to be an active part of this important part of this relationship. Perhaps hearing about the planning process from another guy's perspective, instead of me just emailing posts that he can't relate to, will help my groom get more excited about the process and be more involved.

Here are some good groom resources I have found:

Jason's posts on A Los Angeles Love

Temple of Groom (recommended by Jason)

Do you recommend any groom-y wedding blogs?


anna and the ring said...

My boy apparently has a groom blog but is still perfecting it! Hopefully he will reveal it soon!

Maggie said...

My H-word (back when he was my F-word) posted on my old wedding blog weekly for "F-Word Fridays." I temporarily took some of the blog down because we're going to be featured in a wedding mag in the spring, but you can still sneak in the back way and read his stuff here.

He kind of cracks me up. It's kind of why I married him. :-)

Lara said...

omg, YES! the groom says is hilarious: http://thegroomsays.blogspot.com/

Chocolate Lover said...

I love it when grooms to be are involved in the planning process. Mr. Milk has a regular friday post on my blog where he shares his views on all we are doing and what is going on.