Monday, December 14, 2009

Sharing Stuff

I know I post a lot of wedding porn here but typically I only share the pretty stuff with my husband-to-be when I want to know how he feels about incorporating a detail or two into the planning. Most of the time the stuff I share with him is about the bigger questions and what happens after the wedding day. AND more often than not those posts come from a single source - the most practical of them all. I sent this post to him right away because I too think that some sort of pre-marital conversation needs to occur before anything becomes official. Even if things are all hunky-dory and roses there are just some questions that I would never think to ask him, nevermind ask myself, that a professional could bring to the table. I thought the points that Meg made were really important and should be things all engaged couples at least think about if not talk about.

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