Tuesday, November 10, 2009


There have been a few smart ladies out there in blogland and I wanted to give them some love. Thank you for your level-headed, practical, easy-to-relate-to outlooks on life and wedding planning.

The Bowie Bride acknowledges, accepts and deals with her inner wedding planning monster (i hate the b-word, ya know?). If only my mr. were that quick to "get it" when I blow up in a planning panic.

A Los Angeles Love is always intelligent and well-spoken. She is the blogging anchor in wedding planning. Love is a decision ranks up there in blog post greatness.

A Cupcake Wedding brings the sass and the smarts. Who gives a f* about the chairs, really, and bring on the real "real wedding" people.


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Cupcake wedding is a new blogger buddy and definitely keeps it real. You mentioned some other smart ladies too. We're all planning/preparing for the biggest party ever - of course we get stressed out.

Who doesn't love pretty pictures? All of us do and I'll occasionally post that, but I try to remember the feelings too or connection with the place. Remember the EMOTION behind the photo.

Anyhoo, glad Cupcake wedding recommended your blog - can't wait to hear more.

Bowie Bride said...

i'm just catching up on my reading here - thanks for the love, man! the feeling is completely mutual and i totally agree with what you said about the other gals too. mwah!