Thursday, October 29, 2009

Liberty and Justice for All

Equality is pretty important to me. Particularly marriage equality. I'm pretty bummed about the decision made by the state I currently reside in to take the ability to marry away from certain people here. I have wrestled with the idea of not getting married at all until everyone I know and love can marry the person they choose. I still have a very hard time with the idea that I can marry the love of my life but some of my friends and family can't. I am happy, however, that the state I was born and raised in, the state where we will be getting our marriage license and saying our vows, does recognize same-sex marriage. For this reason, it is very important for me to somehow incorporate this into our vows. I love that this couple (also married in Massachusetts) did just that -

"As we gather here to solidify the commitment of Tim and Rebecca to each other, we would also like to celebrate the fact that Massachusetts has lead the way in extending the rights and privileges of marriage to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. It moves us one step closer to fulfilling our nation's promise to provide liberty and justice for all."

I may have to steal (ur..borrow) this line for our officiant's introduction.