Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Ceremony Tea House

So in my parent's backyard (where we are getting married) there was once a pool. This pool got kind of sad from years of no one swimming in it after my sister and I left for college. It was finally put out of it's misery several years ago. Since then, my mother has had a dream of having a Japanese tea house and garden down there. After much coaxing she finally convinced my father to build her one. When we first got engaged I knew right away that I wanted to have the ceremony in the, then, non-existent tea house. My father is a perfectionist and every little board had to fit just right. I have been trying to think of back up plans just in case the house wasn't finished in time but I received an email the other day that gave me hope! The house is almost complete and it's more amazing than I imagined it. I knew my dad was a handy guy but this is just outstanding! And that fire pit in front? Oh yeah, we will be s'moring it up in that after the party!


LPC said...


Bowie Bride said...

this is seriously so cool. love the s'mores idea, too.

Juliet Douglas said...

How lovely! It's beautiful.