Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Picture This with Davina of At First Sight

Davina, one half of the super photog duo At First Sight, made me an outfit on her wedding blog! My outfit was part of a trio she made along with outfits for Lake Jane and Accordians and Lace. I am not as put together as all that but I love it. I totally want to wear this at the rehearsal dinner!!! Knock-off Christian Louboutins here I come!

Oh...wait...I guess it's time to fill you in on my little secret. I was waiting to tell you and now seems like just as good a time as any. Davina + Daniel will be documenting our wedding. I am THRILLED*. They are super talented and cute and fun and I can't wait to officially meet them next year!

Oh, yeah, my photogs are hot.

PS: They have extended their photography contest. Go Enter Now!

{first photo via Picture This, 2nd by Davina + Daniel, 3rd by Ben Chrisman}

*Just to keep you all in the loop, Davina + Daniel offered us a super deal for their services. If they hadn't, we probably wouldn't be able to have photography at all so we are super thankful and lucky.


Dannikke said...

your dress is very audrey like... so there's something to say for capturing that side of you:) yay!

At First Sight said...

Hahaha! This has made me a very happy lady! I can't wait!