Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Comment

There are a couple of reasons why I started this blog. First, I wanted a place to organize my thoughts regarding this whole wedding business and to collect the things I found inspirational. I was hoping to keep it (semi) anonymous which is why I didn't just lump everything into Auburn & Ivory.

The other reason is that I was fed up with the big ol' wedding industry and, frankly, the reactions of people in my everyday life who just could not hide their shock and dismay when I talked about what we wanted for our wedding. I was sick and tired of hearing "You must do this" and "You must not do that" and the price tag that went along with following those guidelines. I have a feeling that is why most of you are here. Maybe, just like me, you were searching for a place where you knew people would accept that you are doing something that represents you and your loved one even if it doesn't quite fit into the cookie cutter mold. Maybe you want to pick wildflowers instead of shipping in dozens of red roses. Or have a cake baking party the day before the wedding instead of spending $600+ at a bakery. We shouldn't be made to feel badly just for letting our personalities show through.

Granted most of the comments here, and on other blogs, have been nothing but supportive and wonderful but I have noticed some judgmental feedback creeping in. I'm not saying that people shouldn't be entitled to their opinions but there is a why of voicing your viewpoints without telling someone what they should or should not do. I get enough dirty looks from my co-workers when I try to make them "get me" and I was really hoping that this might be the one place I could avoid that.
I'm not as good with words as Meg so I'll let her explain what I mean.

Thanks for letting me rant (again.)



Tiffany said...

its pretty sad when people feel the need to tell you how to live your life.

i get mean comments on my blog all the time from someone anonymous, im pretty sure its a family member that i didnt ask to be in my bridal party and has been bent out of shape over it. i too joined blogger for the same reason you did - i guess we can feel better knowing that we're better than these types of people

mim said...

For heaven's sake~what is wrong with people? A big raspberry to the mean-spirited types. I *think* they're just jealous..

accordionsandlace said...

Hey I am really liking your blog so far, and I think our reasons for blogging are really similar. It's about having a space.

east side bride said...

wildflowers rule.

kat said...

booo to people who are mean! like we even CARE what they think! bah!

Kisses & Kumquats said...

I really think people who take the time out of their day to write mean stuff about others on the internet are just really unhappy people. Its sooo lame. really your blog is amazing, and the meanies can just suck it! xoxo