Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Checklist

I don't know why it took me so long to figure it out but I am now an official super supporter of "the list." No, this is not Martha's list or The Knot's list. This is our own personal timeline of all the things we think need to go in o making a day/weekend that is right for us (and none of the other crapola that is not right for us). Granted I work in production and am a TOTAL geek so I love to rock out with an Excel spreadsheet once and awhile. But, seriously, these nights disappeared after I figured out that I didn't need to be worrying about more than half of this sh*t for another five to eight months! I spread out everything that needs to be done from now until next July and it all looks so much more realistic and manageable now (we'll talk again next March and see how I feel).

Right now, we're at the 12-16 month mark (I know, we have a looong ways to go) and that includes:
  • Figuring out our budget (and getting up the chutzpah to ask our families what they may or may not want to contribute)
  • Researching caterers (since it will be a holiday we may want to think about this earlier rather than later)
  • Ask our "wedding warriors" (no bridal party here) if they'll party with us for a weekend

Easy peasy, right? Well, for now. Do you have a list? Where are you at? (Remember this is our list which may differ slightly from your list and that is OK!)

And then of course there is the "just say no" list. Love it.

PS: Apparently I'm not the only one with lists on the brain.

{picture via Honey in Your Tea}


Jessica @ Mason Jar Bride said...

"wedding warriors." love it.

thanks for linking to my list :)

you rock.

very married said...

"you have to write a letter to get a letter." who knew such fabulous advice could come from a pencil?

Amanda said...

Yay to no bridal party. We nixed the idea before even getting engaged (I'm too bitter from past bridesmaid experiences. I figure the nicest things to do to my friends would be spare them the horror altogether).

Your wedding is going to rock.