Friday, March 20, 2009

San Diego Honeymoon

I started writing a very long comment on this post at The Wedding Report when I realized I should just blog about it. No offense to The Wedding Report but the places mentioned can be super tourist-y. Not that there is anything wrong with that since there must be a reason they're so popular. No doubt there are great treats to be found downtown but there is SO much more in San Diego that just should not be missed. It is the perfect town for a honeymoon or just a vaca. Though it can be on the price-y side there are tricks to doing it on a budget.

Where to stay

Park Manor Suites: Once I post our engagement photos you'll see that this hotel has a killer lobby. It has a spectacular European feel to it and the prices can't really be beat for San Diego. Plus it is right across the street from all the amazingness that is Balboa Park.

Empress Hotel: If you want to stay in La Jolla, right near the beach, but do not want to spend $300+ a night this boutique hotel is perfect. It is two blocks from the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art and three blocks from my favorite section of beach in La Jolla - pretty much only locals hang there so it can be pretty quiet even in the summer.

Where to Eat
Even though I talk bad about SD once and awhile, there is no doubt that I will never eat such good food every again in my entire life. Anything you could ever want is here.

Vagabond: Our favorite place to go for special occasions. Really romantic and cozy and yummy. After dinner, walk across the street and get natural ice cream and a cupcake at The Daily Scoop. Walking around South Park is fun too and is my most favorite section in San Diego.

There are a few places you can go for sushi. If you want to keep it cheap but still good go to Sushi Deli in Mission Hills (not downtown). Watch out for the line of hipsters though (sometimes it take 1.5 hours to get in!). The best sushi I've been able to afford is Sushi on the Rock in La Jolla. Ono Sushi in Hillcrest is a close second.

For the best fish tacos (and this is a hot topic here so this is JUST my opinion), go to El Zarape in University Heights.

I am a breakfast FREAK and have a lot of favorites here:

: Whoopi Goldberg used to work here back in the day. It's always packed and it's very, um, boho but it has the best pancakes ever.

I have never been here but it gets pretty high marks from everyone I know - The Cottage in La Jolla.
The Mission in North Park has a long wait but it's pretty good.

Hash House a go go: Another long wait and HUGE portions so split it but yummy delicious.

The best coffee in town is at Cafe Bassam on 5th. And it is super cute inside.

What to Do

There is pretty much at least one thing here for you no matter what you're interests are.

Ride bikes on the boardwalk from PB to Mission Beach and then hit the amusement park up for a Ferris Wheel ride. Or take the ferry to Coronado and rent bikes there.

There are a gazillion beaches and a few tucked away secret places that I can't tell you about or I will be shot. My favorite is in Solana Beach. If you just turn anywhere you see a coastal access sign and not many cars you know you're there.

For music geeks, go to the Casbah and read this blog for weekly shows.

For shopping, go back to South Park and North Park for little boutiques. La Jolla can be pricey but it's nice to window shop for fun.

There is so much hiking if you're into that - Mission Gorge, Torrey Pines and, if you're up for a ride, Palomar Mountain is my favorite.

You can play tennis AND Frisbee golf at Morley Field or just take a picnic in the grove.

There are a lot of good museums - in Balboa Park, MCASD downtown and in La Jolla. You could just spend a day at the park going to the botanical gardens (FREE!) and all the musuems. Do NOT leave the park without going to the rose garden on Park Ave and taking a ride on the merry-go-round.

Ok, now that I probably have no excuse to be bored ever if I can name all those things! For a real life "homeymoon" in San Diego check out A Desert Fete.

{photo by Jamie}


Michelle @ My Wedding Report said...

No offense taken at all! I love that so many SD people can add to the list. I tried to keep mine to locations people would probably be staying in and the classic destinations of SD. I love some of your recommendations and see a few places I haven't been to. I'm adding them to my list for when I'm down in SD next.

Erin ever after said...

Oh South Park, how I love thee. I shared a little cottage with three other girls in South Park during my Art School days. The Big Kitchen is a must an I will second the Mission. You can't forget The Turf, love the strong drinks and the $7 steaks.