Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inspiration Board for Kristy and Lil' Joe

This board is very special for me and, therefore, very tough to do. It is for one of my closest friends, Kristy, who said: "i know you're gonna get bombarded with this offer, BUT i would L-O-V-E an inspiration board...for me & lil joe :) his fave color is green, my faves are pinks and blues..."

Kristy and lil' Joe are always in my thoughts and I wish them both the best luck on their new journey!

2nd Row: A Room Somewhere, Desire to Inspire, Martha Stewart, Print Pattern Paper

3rd Row: Mary Ruffle, M.A. Belle, You are My Fav, Tastefully Entertaining

Bottom Row: I forget!, Black Eiffel, Small Souvenirs

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