Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sister Dress

Dear Lil Sis,

You can come out now. I know you found this blog.
I've wanted you to own this dress since before I even had an inkling this blog would exist. Well, I wanted to own it but it would look 100x better on you. Plus, it's your namesake. What do you think? Fushia or blue? We'll wait till it goes on sale and then snatch it up big time!


Big Sis


Hannah Noel said...

LOVE that dress. I want it for me!!

Amanda said...

Could've sworn I saw that in the sale section in a blue-ish color today. Maybe it was something similar? Regardless, that dress kicks ass.

I have an old bridesmaid's dress from last summer that almost looks a little like a neon orange, busted, 80's prom version of this. But your J Crew dress is actually more affordable than that whack polyester gown I had to purchase. Do I sound bitter? Just a little?

Your sister is a lucky woman. Lucky indeed.

Mrs English nee Trini said...

Lucky little sister!