Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love Through the Ages

I did a fun search on flickr last night for weddings of the past few decades and I came up with some real gems!



I really want to know what the ladies on the left are gossiping about!


These guys look like characters from a John Waters movie.


I love everything about this photo.


I have no idea what is going on here but it's spectacular.


Amanda said...

Vintage wedding photos are so fun to peruse. I definitely need to go check out flickr more often. Those are some gems!

redframe said...

Oh my word, I was just waiting in anticipation for the 80s and it didn't disappoint... gotta love it. Especially the inexplicable 21JumpStreet boys hanging out!

Hannah Noel said...

omg... that 80s pic is scary.
I love the bicycle wheels!!!

Hannah said...

Love love love these pictures! They are brilliant!

Dress-geek said...

Ohhhhhhh grat vintage list. It will serve as the inspiration for meny vintage inspired desginers if they find this list.