Monday, December 15, 2008

Your Own DJ

I don't think McG and I will have a problem coming up with playlists for the reunion. We kind of geek out in the music department. Friends know that every Christmas and birthday means a new "mix tape" for the collection. I've told McG that he should become a professional playlist maker. Yes, people actually pay someone to create their perfect mix. So bizarre. Anway, I came across this amazing resource today for the not-so-traditional wedding playlist. There are 11 indie wedding mixes. I'm not so sure about Fistful of Love for my wedding but I think everyone can find one or two ditties in there. I'm going to steal some songs for my Christmas mix to McG called "The Sweetest Sound...the Soundtrack for the Rest of our Lives." I'm such a cheese ball.

{photo from the lion - another good music resource}

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