Monday, December 8, 2008

The Real Thing

"Am I romantic?"

This is what McG asked me over the weekend. I don't think my answer was the one he wanted to hear. As I've said before, McG is accidentally romantic. He is probably the sweetest, most compassionate, most generous and most genuine person I have ever met. He doesn't tell me anything he doesn't mean which is to say he doesn't say romantic things just to say them. For a long time, I would get frustrated because he wouldn't tell me that we would be together forever or that he would always love me and all those other lines other guys tend to feed girls. I was like "C'mon, just LIE to me." I just wanted to hear those things. But he couldn't say them because he wasn't positive yet that he meant them. Well, over the weekend he DID say something very romantic. He told me that he has been under the impression that relationships just deteriorated over time. That couples stopped loving each other as much or weren't as attracted to each other or fought more. But with me he realized that it just wasn't true. Our relationship is 100x better than it was four years ago and it was pretty spectacular then. And he knew that it would just get better for the rest of our lives together. And that he would love me forever. :)

So when he tells me he loves me or buys me flowers for no reason I know he does it because he means it not because he thinks he's supposed to or he'll get something out of it.

And I'll take that over romance any day.

{photo by Irene Suchocki}


Miss Trini said...

Awesome guy you have there.

And after previous failed relationships that involved big-grand-guesture love, I too am pretty happy for small everyday no-drama-yet-it-keeps-getting-better kinda love myself...

heather said...

agreed and agreed. and i love love love that picture

Krista said...

Okay, let's do a collective "Ahhhh"

Jenny.Lee said...

So so sweet! I am proud to say that my guy is that way too.