Friday, December 5, 2008

Boho Chic

Ok. I need your help and advice. In two weeks we are getting our unofficial engagement pictures taken. My mother wants a nice, "edgy" (her word not mine) picture of me and McG for Christmas to replace the one of me that was taken in front of a Sears backdrop in 1996. I am working with my good photography friend who no doubt will pick a great location and make the pictures look stellar but I have one little problem -

What the hell do I wear?

My friend laughed when I told her I need to buy a new dress because I have a closet overflowing with them. But what is better than an excuse to buy a new dress, really?

Here are my inspiration photos. I would love to hear your outfit suggestions! :)

Feather Love Photography


feather love photography said...

Hi! I saw the comment you posted about my photography on "10K"....! And that you have posted a couple of photos of mine as inspiration... that's great!!! :) I would love to know when i met you at and at what show? Remind me! btw, when is your wedding? Thanks xo Noa

Broke-ass Bride said...

Anthropologie was the first thing that came to mind. They have that boho-edgy thing down pat! I'm excited you posted this because our wedding style is bohemian rock star! Let me know what you find!

Paisley said...

Definitely something from Anthro. I just went there today and they have practically half their store on clearance. Maybe a solid dress with some nice detailing or colorful trim and some adorable shoes. Show us what you choose!

jessica lynn said...

the last two pictures are my favorites!

Amanda said...

I love all of your inspiration photos! I agree that Anthropologie is always a safe bet. I also think it could be fun for you and your fiance to go thrift shopping together to pick out fun vintage outfits. Maybe you'll find some unique props as well?

Miss Trini said...

Something vintage and beautiful. Or maybe Holly Stadler or Reddoll?

Gorgeous inspiration pics!